At The Junction Early Learning Centre, we believe each child should be respected as an individual with their own needs, abilities and interests.


Our environment encourages children to use their own ability to grow and learn with the support of teachers and whanau.


We are committed to the guidelines and principles of Te Whariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.


Our guiding principles are:


NURTURE – provide a caring and stable environment

PROTECT – provide a safe, happy environment

EMPOWERMENT – encourage growth and learning

RELATIONSHIPS – encourage positive interactions

BELONGING – children and their families experience a sense of belonging


Children are observed and listened to, so we can recognise and encourage their natural abilities. 


Activities are often based on a centre of interest that allows children a balance between self-expression and group interests.


The daily programme encourages children to use their abilities to grow and learn within an atmosphere of stimulation and harmony so that each child can create, investigate, explore, experiment and learn.